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Beauty in Other Cultures

Asian Beauty Culture

Beauty in Asian CultureTypically in Asian culture, as with many other cultures, the main focus is on the eyes using eyeliner and eyeshadows to define them. There are now many products to choose from for eye make up so creating a great day time look or a dramatic night time look is easier than ever. The main thing to think about when choosing eye makeup is what suits your complexion and eye colour. No matter the colour of your eyes you can make them stand out with the use of eye colour, for example if you have blue eyes gold is excellent at enhancing the colour, for brown coloured eyes beige and green colours look amazing. If your going for a dramatic look then you can even get false lashes you can apply yourself that last upto 4 weeks. This means you can have great looking make up that you don't have to redo on a daily basis and false lashes are a great way of enhancing your eyes for all occassions.

Middle Eastern Culture

Middle Eastern Beauty CultureMiddle Eastern beauty traditionally uses more natural beauty products such as henna and kohl, although many countries are seeing the use of more modern and artificial make-ups, where the local culture and customs allow it.

Henna is commonly used in this culture to stain nails, skin and hair to enhance beauty by creating decorative henna designs. Black henna (saumer) is used on the feet and hands, while red henna is typically used on the tips of the fingers and toes. The orange markings will turn black, and last on the skin for up to 30 days. The application of Henna is a traditional ritual, which may take up to 6 hours, or possibly even longer depending on the complexity of the design.

Kohl is a black substance, commonly used by the women of the Arabian Peninsula as eyeliner and eye shadow. Apart from making the eye look bigger, it was also believed that kohl eyeliner could prevent eye diseases. In desert areas, kohl is used by both men and women, as it controls the suns glare from the desert, and thus is of huge practical use.

In Arabia, rouge was also traditionally used in order to apply colour to the cheeks of women. Ear and nose piercing is also common, and children commonly have their ears pierced at birth.

African-American Culture

African American BeautyIn Afican American culture there is now a massive choice of make up specifically designed for your complexion available if you know the right places to look. People in smaller towns or cities may find it harder to find cosmetics specifically designed for darker skin tones, but with the revolution of internet buying its now possible for any one to find cosmetics perfect for their skin tone. When matching a foundation to your skin tone the most important thing is getting the shade right, if you choose one too light it will make you look washed out and if you use one thats too dark it can create a thick looking layer over your skin which looks un-natural. If you have a darker skin tone eye makeup can create a great effect if you use a brighter colour such as bright green, blue or yellow.