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Dental Beauty

In the quest to achieve an aesthetically pleasing body, every aspect is considered. To offset a stunning complexion, a visibly healthy set of teeth is a must. Below we have outlined some popular treatments and decorations for teeth to help you reach your full potential.

Whitening Your Teeth

Professional Teeth WighteningIn recent years, whitening your teeth has increased in both popularity and availability. Initially used by public speakers and television presenters, the market for whitening solutions seems to be broadening.

The most common form of teeth whitening available at the moment has to be the bleaching method, there are now many kits for home applications although the effectiveness of these kits has often come under scrutony from dentist professionals. If you are looking for a whitening kit to do yourself at homethere are a few key elements you should check before buying your kit some of these are listed below:

Professional Tooth Whitening

With professional teeth whitening you will receive similar results to bleaching but the results tend to be more noticeable and quicker to acheive. In a similar way to bleaching, a solution is applied to your teeth your dentist will then shine a lazer over your teeth to activate the whitening gel. This is a popular option with many people because the results are noticeable so much quicker, after your teeth have been assessed and if they are suitable your desired result can be obtained in around an hour. How quickly you get the results your after will be dependant on the current staining of your teeth and the suitablity of your teeth for the treatment.

Before considering any of the whitening solutions you should first discuss the options available with your dentist. The effects of whitening can be expected to last up to three years depending on how well you maintain your teeth.

Tooth Decoration

Cosmetic DentistryTooth decoration has existed throughout civilization in various forms. Archaeological trips have discovered that peoples from ancient cultures dating as far back as the Maya and Aztec eras were often adorned with tooth decorations made from gold and other precious materials.

Modern day tooth decoration is a subtle and painless way to achieve a new look. Decorations such as gold plaques and semi precious stones have proven popular and can help to mask defects in teeth as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The option is also usually available to incorporate these decorative aspects to fillings or crowns too.

Tooth decoration is usually applied to the tops of the front teeth, where they are the most noticeable. The selected tooth is then cleaned and dried off before the decoration is fixed to the tooth with a special formula. The whole process takes around fifteen minutes and the decoration can be left in place for years. If required the decoration can be easily removed without causing any damage to the tooth.

Teeth Grills

Applying Tooth GemsAnother somewhat controversial form of tooth decoration is the addition of "grills". Made famous by rappers such as Method Man and Nelly and rock icons such as Marilyn Manson, grills are highly decorative inserts that fit over the teeth.

Grills often contain diamonds and other precious stones and are made from valuable metals such as white gold and platinum. Grills are custom made and require a mold of your teeth to be forwarded to the designer to create a design to your personal specification. Most Stockists offer molding kits for about ten pounds to ensure the creation of a well fitting grill.

DIY grill kits are available to buy, however, you should always be sure that it is well fitting if you are to try making your own, other wise you could cause great damage to your teeth. Grills are not designed to be worn on a permanent basis and need to be removed when eating and sleeping especially, you will also have to ensure you clean it on a regular basis.