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Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Roll on DeodorantsAlthough when thinking of beauty products you may not think of body deodorants and anti perspirant sprays straight away, but they are a product that most men and women use on a daily basis. In our modern day culture it is thought by a majority that sweat patches are unsightly and stale body odour is something that should be avoided by using these every day toiletries.

Body odour, contrary to popular opinion, is not actually caused by sweat itself. Instead, the smell is caused by bacteria which thrive in the damp, warm patches of skin such as the underarm. Armpit hair helps them, as it offers a larger surface area, and sweat glands provide more moisture for the bacteria.

Deodorant is simply a fragrance which masks any other odours. So unlike anti-perspirants, deodorant simply covers the smell of body odour it doesn't eliminate the problem, this is why many people apply their deodorant after using anti perspirant.

Antiperspirant SpraysAntiperspirants react with electrolytes in sweat to plug sweat glands, and thus prevents the secretion of sweat. Antiperspirants can not be depended on to always work and prevent sweat build up, and so you should frequently wash your underarms whenever showering to remove any build-ups and prevent any odours.

There are large choices of deodorants at most chemists, supermarkets and most convienience stores for both men and women, most are now in a spray form but you can still buy roll ons and deodorant sticks.

Many antiperspirants offer 24 hour protection against sweating, which is particularly useful when working in a stressful environment. Although the antiperspirant may claim to last 24 hours you may still need to reapply your deodorant, especially if you are in situations where you my experience excessive sweating such as after the gym.

Due to the many types of deodorant and antiperspirant, selecting the right one for you can be difficult. You may have a favoured brand which you have used since you were a teenager, or you may change depending on what is cheapest, or what has offers associated it when you purchase it. Or you may have chosen a particular deodorant or antiperspirant simply because it is the most effective. In any case, simply use what works best for you, bearing in mind that a change in lifestyle may require a different brand.