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Things You Should Know About Dieting

Weight LossEating a healthy diet is great not just for your physical appearence but also increases your energy levels making you feel healthier as well. With there being such a large number of diets out there now it may be hard deciding which one is right for you, you simply need to decide which one would work best for you and you think you could follow easily. The important thing to remember is that even though you may want to lose weight its not as simple as not eating, because you need to eat in a routine to get your bodies metabolism working.

There are plenty of diets to choose from and this may be the most daunting part about starting a diet for most people, with all of them claiming to help you lose the most weight, you need to bear in mind how much weight you want to lose and if the diet is a realistic choice for you. Starting a diet can be very tough for some people because it generally means changing your eating habits to a more regular routine of set meals throughout the day. It is especially hard for people that may be used to eating convienience food on a regular basis, as well as people that like chocolate and other unhealthy snacks.

Dieting To Lose WeightAlso of great importance, especially if your dieting to lose weight, you could join a gym or simply add some extra exercise to your daily routine. If you are unable to join a gym because of the cost or simply don't have the time, you can add a twenty minute walk into your commute by getting off the bus a couple of stops before you would normally or you could even cycle to work.

Some of The Best Diets

There are now hundreds of diets available for people to try some being more high profile than other ssome of the well known diets are described in more detail below:

Atkins Diet - This is one of the most well known diets ever, with one in eleven American adults being on the diet at one time. The diet works on the basis of severely restricting the intake of carbohydrates into the body. This causes the body to enter ketosis, where the liver digests stored fats. During the induction phase of the diet, weight losses of 3-4kg per week are not uncommon. However, this diet can be difficult as it limits the intake of a number of staple foods - such as bread, potatoes and pasta. Caffeine and alcoholic drinks are also banned. Meat, cheese and some salads are permissible to eat. Criticisms of the diet are varied, with a number of people complaining of bad breath. It is also an expensive diet, due to the amount of meat and protein foods consumed. Various medical experts have also criticised the diet. However, a number of people have successfully lost weight with the diet as well.

The Cambridge Diet - This diet works in a similar way to the Atkins diet, with the body being forced into ketosis in order to digest fats. This is achieved by drinking specially formulated 'shakes' (made with water instead of milk), as well as snack bars and a mousse. The diet has helped millions lose weight since its inception in the 1970s, however it isn't as popular as the Atkins diet due to the limited range of foods available. In the UK, potential users of this diet must also apply through a 'Cambridge Counsellor', who will judge their needs and provide an advisory and support service. All counsellors are trained, and follow a strict code of conduct.

Healthy Eating PlanGrapefruit Diet - This diet became popular in 1930's Hollywood, and later in the 1970's as a fad diet. At the time, despite being widely tried, it was derided by the science community, many of whom considered it dangerous. However, a study in 2004 showed that the diet was actually effective, and that eating half a grapefruit with a meal could lose participants up to 3.6 pounds on average.

Slimming World - This diet is run by the Slimming World company, in the UK. The company runs over 5000 weekly slimming world courses, which cost a small fee per meeting. At these meetings, members are weighed, and any changes to the weight are shared with the group (although no actual weight is ever shared). Slimming world works on a food optimisation basis, whereby foods are classified into 'red' or 'green' foods. Each day is classified as a red or a green day, and on that day, only foods of the same 'colour' may be eaten - thus, on a red day foods may include fish, lean meat, eggs and vegetables, while a green day may include tofu, pasta, grains and beans. In addition to the 'red' and 'green' groups, certain healthy extras may be eaten in limited quantities.

Weight Watchers - Weight Watchers is an American company, operating in 30 different countries worldwide. In the UK, Weight Watchers works on a 'points' system, whereby each food is attributed a points value, based on a formula which takes calories, fibre and fat into account. Dieters are entitled to a set number of points throughout the day, which allows them to indulge should they desire - though the indulgence comes at a price, as it limits your remaining points for the day. Points should not be 'hoarded' or 'carried over'. Some participants dislike the points system, as it requires them to keep track of all meals, snacks and drinks over the course of the day. Weight Watchers has three other plans for dieting - the Core plan, the Flex plan and the Turnaround plan. The Core Plan was developed in response the Atkins diet, and classifies certain foods into Core foods which can be eaten 'until satisfied'. The Flex and Turnaround plans are variations of the Points plan, with Turnaround incorporating some aspects of the Core plan. Weight Watchers produce branded foods with point values clearly marked.

If you intend on drastically changing your diet then you would be best seeking advice from your GP first to ensure the diet your intending to start is going to be healthy for your size, age etc.