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Eye Make Up

There are that many products available on the market for eye make up now that it can sometimes be hard deciding what are the right products for you. The advantage of there being so many products means that no matter what look your going for you will find the products you need to create that look.

Liquid Eyeliner or Eyeliner Pencils

Applying Liquid EyelinerChoosing the right eyeliner can be quite difficult as there are many different brands promising similar results. Remember the most important feature is to choose a product you feel the most comfortable with. If you use a pencil but are starting to experience problems you may get better results from a product with a thicker formula. This will reduce resistance so you won't need to drag the eyeliner pencil, providing a smoother effect.

For a thicker appearance, try a pencil that offers a smudging effect to provide a sultry, smoky look. If you desire a softer, more defined style try using an eyeliner brush with eyeshadow. Try to avoid covering the brush too heavily and tap the brush off to remove any unnecessary excess eyeshadow before applying. This will help to carry off a more even effect. For a more defined, longer lasting effect you may want to try using a liquid eyeliner, like the pencils they are available from a range of companies and come in waterproof options.

Using Eye Shadows

Eye Shadow Application TipsWhen selecting your eyeshadows the main thing to keep in mind is that the colours should work well together, so the choice will be dependant on the kind of look your trying to achieve. For day time looks you should choose lighter colours such as beiges, golds and light browns, for evening looks you should use darker colours such as greys, blacks and metallics. You can go for an all over lid colour for the day times and for evenings or special occassions you may want to try experimenting with smokey eyes, you can try smokey eyes with any colours but it tends to work best when there is the lightest shade of a colour used with the darkest to define the eye.

Best Way To Apply Mascara

How to Use MascaraThe main thing to remember when applying your mascara is not to apply too much, if you over do it then you will end up making it look clumpy and over done. You should only apply a light layer to define your eyes, if you have dark skin tone you should use black mascara, if you have lighter skin then you may want to use a brown colour for day times and black for a more extreme look in evenings.

To apply your mascara, start at the base of your eyelashes and slowly work your way outwards, towards the tip of the lash. Holding the applicator parallel to your lashes will help it to glide over them easier.