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Hair and Haircare

Hair and HaircareTo many people, the styling of their hair is an expression of character and personality. This is why what hairstyle to have and how well maintained your hair is important to most people.

Choosing the best hairstyle for you can be a difficult choice but it is generally down to factors such as face shape that you should base your decision for example if you have a very round face it maybe wouldn't be best for you to have a short, face hugging style.

Many people gain inspiration from celebrities hairstyles, but of course these styles won't suit everyone, so when choosing your style keep this in mind. You can always take a style you have seen somewhere and put your own touch on it, so even if the style your after wouldn't suit you personally you may still be able to achieve a similar look.

Once you have the style you like its up to you to maintain it properly there are now more haircare products on the market than ever from conditioners to hair putty. Once again the right products for you will be depending on your style of hair; if you have longer hair you don't want to use products that will weigh your hair down, but if you have a shorter style you will want to use products that are going to hold your hair in place.

Hair Shampoos and Conditioners

Shampoo's and ConditionersWith shamppos there are a large selection and within each brand there is generally a selection for different hair types from fine hair that needs more volume to frizzy hair that needs to be calmed down. Shampoo manufacturers tend to try and cover as many hair types as possible so you are bound to find the right shampoo for your hair type, its simply a case of deciding what hair type you have in the first place.

Generally there are less types of condioner but there are still condioners available for the basic hair types from greasy to dry and brittle, so once again it is down to personally suitability.

Hair Gel's and Waxes

There are a number of brands of waxes and gels, as well as creams and putties to choose from, however, most offer much the same in the way of functionality. Some offer better 'hold' allowing more outlandish styles, while some are designed simply for texturing the hair, stopping it from looking flat and lifeless. Your stylist will be able to recommend a product suitable for your hair style.