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Home Beauty Treatments

Home FacialWhat do you do if you want to enjoy a salon treatment, but cannot afford it, or if you cannot get to a salon? You have two practical options, either perform your own treatments, or hire a professional beauty therapist who can provide a home visit.

Many treatments, such as skincare, waxing and hair colouring, as well as relaxation therapies such as foot bathing and aromatherapy can easily be performed at home as long as you know what your doing.

Aromatherapy is a popular treatment at home, using aromatherapy oils, a room in your home can become your own hideaway, particularly if music and candle light is used to good effect. This can relax and invigorate you, without costing too much. Even better is the fact that the materials can be long lasting; you can enjoy an aromatherapy session on a regular basis.

Aromatherapy TreatmentFoot spas can also be enjoyed at home, using special foot baths. These often have a number of different treatments, such as sole massages, bubbles, acupressure, vibration and magnets. Often, they will also heat the water, and some more advanced models will have foot-activated controls. Salts and gels can be used in conjunction with the foot spa, to leave your feet looking and feeling great.

It is also possible to work on your tan at home - however, this isn't easy thanks to unpredictable British weather. An alternative is to hire a sunbed, although this isn't cheap, and the sunbed will take up a lot of space, which can be a problem in a small or full house. If you want to get that tanned look, but without the risk of poor weather and sunburn, you may wish to use fake tan. This can, however, give mixed results if not applied properly, and will also wash off over time. Most people apply fake tan prior to a night out, and will reapply it as required.

There are also a number of day to day beauty tasks which can be completed. While some people may prefer to be treated professionally, this may not always be possible. Treatments such as waxing and hair removal, nail painting, eyebrow shaping and plucking can also be done at home.

Beauty TreatmentsAn alternative to visiting a salon is to have a beauty professional visit you, to take advantage of the full range of treatments they can offer. Prices can vary depending on the professional (qualifications, experience, location) and the products used. However, a professional will most likely be competitively priced compared to a salon, as there are fewer expenses to be covered.

Women who work full time, or who have hectic lifestyles, may prefer to be visited by a beauty professional as it is much easier to fit in around work or children, as the therapist can visit out of normal working hours. People choose to receive their beauty treatments at home because of the fact they are more comfortable, this is a great option for anyone that feels self concious about going for a beauty treatment in a salon.