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Male Beauty and Grooming

Male Anti Aging ProductsIn the modern day there is becoming less of a stigma when it comes male beauty treatments with men becoming alot more aware of their appearence. It has reached a point where most beauty salons offer male services such as facials, shaving, tanning and waxing treatments.

Below we have listed some of the treatments now available for men in most treatment centres:

Skin Care For Men

With an apparent growth in the male skin care market of around 35 percent in recent years there is obviously a great demand within the market for more male based skin care products.

When choosing a skin care product it is best to bear in mind what your specific needs are. This can be a hard decision to make especially with there being more and more products to choose between, but to choose you simply have to look at your skin type. If your skin is excessively dry you may want to invest in a highly moisturising product because if your skin is left too dry it can lead to early aging of the skin. However, if your skin is oily you would want to buy a moisturiser that contains less or no oil based ingredients, there are now many moisturisers available for oily skin.

Another effective way to maintain healthy skin is exfoliation, which is a good method of deep cleaning the skin, reaching problem areas conventional soap can't. It is reccomended by most that men should exfoliate only once to twice a week this is to remove any dirt or excess oil in your pores without drying your skin. This treatment can also help with the appearence of ingrowing facial hairs that may be a problem when shaving, though you should be careful not to damage or irritate your skin by using a harsh exfoliator.

Shaving Hints and Tips

Shaving For MenThere are many common problems that men can come across when shaving and for those with fast hair growth it can become a nightmare keeping your skin in good condition whilst shaving on a daily basis at the same time. However, if you know how to shave the correct way and use the right products you can get your skin in great condition while still looking well groomed.

Below is a short guide to the do's and don'ts of shaving for men, so you can have great looking skin every day:

Before you start shaving, ensure the blade of your razor has been thoroughly cleaned, this ensures your blade is free from any debry that may cause friction on your skin. Changing blades regularly will also prevent a build up from appearing on your blade.

Different types of blades and razors can provide mixed results. Razors with a pivoting head are a good choice as they will match the angles of your face, making it less effort to reach troublesome areas such as around the jaw. Single bladed razors are also kinder to your skin. Double bladed varieties will provide a closer shave but this isn't always necessarily an advantage for everyone.

It is recommended that you shave whilst in the shower or as soon after leaving the shower as possible. This is as the steam gently loosens and opens the pores resulting in an easier area to work with, providing less resistance against strokes of your razor.

Prepare your skin by covering the lower half of your face with plenty of hot water and for good results try applying an unscented, dye free product such as glycerine soap instead of your regular foam or gel. Lather the product into your skin in a firm but even manner. Work the lather against the grain or direction of your facial hair to encourage the hair to rise up a little, reducing the need for a close shave.

Now take a flannel or face cloth and leave it to soak it in hot water. Remove the flannel and get into a relaxed position, preferably sitting on a windowsill or chair. Point your head upwards and rest the still warm cloth on your face. Staying in this position for a few minutes will let steam and warmth soften your skin and facial hair, resulting in an easier shave. This tip is particularly useful if you have a beard or suffer from thick hair growth.

Next, dip the head of your razor into your sink full of hot water and start shaving using short strokes downwards, going with the grain. While shaving against the grain will provide good results initially, prolonged shaving in this manner will cause the hair to grow much thicker, making shaving harder work.

After each stroke, dip the razor head in warm water. Continually dragging the razor across your face will increase the likelihood of receiving cuts and will make your skin more irritable.

If you are dry shaving then it is important to make sure that the area you are about to shave is as dry as possible. First of all soak your lower face with hot water then dry thoroughly and use a product such as cornstarch to help remove moisture.

Start around your jaw area and use your razor against the grain in an upwards motion.

If you are using an electric razor with three mounted blades it is best to shave using circular motions. If you are using a straight bladed razor long repetitive strokes will provide the best results.

When you have finished shaving, rinse your face with warm (not hot) water and gently pat your face dry with a towel. The warm water will help to seal the pores on your face, giving a more even texture.

Once you have dried your face, applying moisturiser will give a good finish. A wide range of after shave balms are available for this purpose. Traditional alcohol based after shave is popular with many men but bear in mind that regular use can lead to dry skin problems and further irritation.