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Skin Moisturisers

Skincare MoisturisersEveryone needs to protect their skin from daily pollutants such as exhaust fumes, UV rays and dirt, there are many moisturising products available to help protect against all of these.

Our skin is constantly losing moisture throughout the day so its important to make sure you replace this water by using the right moisturiser for your skin type. This loss of moisture is caused by;

Weather - Skin being exposed to sunlight dries the skin, but the cold also draws moisture from the skin. As well as natural weather heating systems and air conditioning systems can dry your skin.

If you use products designed for oily skin when you don't need them this can damage your skin because it means you'll be removing too much moisture from your skin

Ageing of the skin - This is because there is a reduction of the release of sebum from pores as we grow older.

Moisturising Your Face

Moisturise your faceThe most beneficial products for your face should hydrate your skin whilst also limiting the effects of dehydration. This effectively improves the level of water retention on the top most layer of the skin, preventing your skin from becoming flaky or to dry.

Moisturisers are designed to replace the moisture lost by your skin on a daily basis, this is why the type of moisturiser you should use varies from person to person depending on skin type. This is because if you have excessively dry skin you would need to use a much more moisture rich moisturiser than a person that has oily skin.

Moisturisers and Sun Skin Protection

Sun Protection For Your SkinAn increasing demand has emerged on the market for skin moisturisng solutions that perform more than one function such as exfoliating moisturisers or hydration of the skin. There is also an increasing trend for moisturisers which provide some relief from the effects of UV rays from the sun.

Each day, more men are acknowledging the importance of regular moisturisng in combination with sun protection and its beneficial results.

These kind of skincare products are only most effective when they have been applied for a period of time, and the same results can't be expected if you only apply them in hot weather or when you go on holiday.

It is widely accepted that moisturisng the skin regularly with a solution containing a sun protection ingredient can be one of the most beneficial cosmetic procedures for our skin. There is also substantial scientific research which indicates the prolonged use of such a product can reduce the long term, visible extent of photodamage.